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Wikio’s Top Blog

I have been laying low this week.  Between birthdays and related birthday events coupled with spring break it has not been conducive to any kind of work except picking up the house every 15 minutes.  I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle next week with more new content and reviews but for now I wanted to share some late breaking news.

hopheadsaid debuted at 139 this week on Wikio’s Top Blog (see righthand sidebar).  This is a blog aggregate site and rates each blog’s relevance by calculating how many external links point back to it.  You can help me rise in the ranking and to the top by linking to my blog through your social media posts or posting my link in your blog or on your website.

My ultimate goal is to become published as a beer writer and make a living through this blog not to mention be able to write off  beer conferences. Better web stats is one way I can draw attention to and advertise my blog not to mention attract more readers. So help me out and spread the word if not the love for hopheadsaid!