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duchesse de bourgogne

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The Duchesse is a delicious beer and in my opinion is the epitome of the Flanders Red style.  The “sourness” and acidity is balanced by a sweet maltieness before it can become overwhelming.   Because of this balance, the Duchesse is a good starter beer for those who are looking to venture into “sour” beers.  Its wine-like flavor and acidity also makes this a good beer for those “non-beer drinking friends”.

As you can see from the card there is very little bitterness (10 IBU) in this beer which is common for many sour beers.  Instead of hops the brewers balance the malty sweetness by using special yeast and bacteria strains that will sour the beer just enough to balance the sweetness.

In my opinion, this beer is sweet enough to be enjoyed AS desert but could also be paired with earthy flavored cheeses such a camembert and brie or sharp cheeses like blue and cheddar.  The elevated carbonation level and acidity of this beer will cleanse and refresh your palate between each cheese sample.