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Brewery Super Bowl: Brooklyn Brewery v. Sam Adams

Well my NFL beer playoff series has ended and 0f the 10 playoff games my readers predicted 6 of them were correct. Our predictions really took a hit with the late championship game flubs but on the plus side that made for some exciting games.

Over the next two weeks I will be focusing on Super Bowl food pairings to help you “WOW” your friends when they come over to enjoy the big game.  Sam Adams will be representing the Patriots so let me know what your favorite New England food is and I will do my best to pair that with a Sam Adams beer.  Brooklyn Brewery will be representing the Giants so let me now what your favorite New York food is and I will do my best to pair that with a Brooklyn brewery beer.

But now is the time to stand up and vote for your favorite brewery in the Super Bowl.  This poll has nothing to do with the actual athletic merits of either team but solely on the merits of the breweries representing each team.  So throw your team pride to the side and vote for the best beer!  I realize this may take some drinking. . . err, research but consider it training for the big game. Let me know which beer you think will be the MVB in the comments below and I will try to pair that beer with some classic or regional half-time cuisine.


AFC & NFC Wild Card Game Match-ups

Vote for your favorite brewery in each NFL playoff matchup but don’t let your team pride stand in the way of picking your favorite brewery! Each week through the Super Bowl the winning teams/breweries will be listed in a bracket and a poll will be posted here for you to vote on another Brewery showdown.

The next two weeks are gonna be busy but take the time to research each brewery (drink their beer) and make your voice heard by voting for your favorite brewery.

The Church Brew Works Brewery will be representing Pittsburgh and Great Divide Brewery will be representing Denver this week.

Remember to choose your favorite BREWERY.   I have been a Steelers fan since I was 6 but that didn’t stop me from picking Great Divide.

While I haven’t had any Little Kings Beer I have heard good things about their blonde ale.  I have had plenty of St. Arnold’s and if you get a chance then you gotta get yourself some of this.

On to the NFC.  I haven’t had any beers from SweetWater but they have been getting pretty good reviews so that gives the Falcons a chance against the NY powerhouse Brooklyn Brewery.

Two really great breweries going head to head here.  I love Jolly Pumpkin and everything they do even if my palate isn’t ready for it. But you can’t count out Abita with their Turbo Dog and Jockamo, two great beers in their own right.

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