Reading My Reviews

Beer Goggles is a synopsis of my longer blog review. This section lets you know what beer is being reviewed and who brewed it.  You will also learn the style of the beer and the suggested serving glassware.  The glass watermark in the background will reflect the suggested glassware. The ABV (alcohol by volume) and IBU (international bittering units) are also listed and compared to the style ranges.

Tasting Notes: This is where I will briefly explain my experiences while enjoying the beer.

Label: When available I will supply an image of the label. 

Bitterness:  I will be reviewing my perceived bitterness of each beer on this scale.  To the left you will see some barley strands (malt provides the sugar and the sweetness for the beer) and on the right you will see a hop bine. The hops help to balance the sweetness of the malt by bittering the beer.  This is a visual for all enthusiasts who want to know if a beer they are drinking will fit their palate as being malty with little bitterness a balanced beer with  pronounced hop to balance the sweet or a hoppy beer that will leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth. 

 Last Call: Is where I will let you know whether or not I enjoyed.   Am I glad I tried the beer but wouldn’t order it again?  Would I order the beer again?  Would I buy some to take home to stock and enjoy later?

  1. Have you seen this scheme? I like how there is a visual indication of bitterness and sweetness as well as info on smell, colour and taste. I like your layout, its almost like a top trumps card!

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