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I have been laying low this week.  Between birthdays and related birthday events coupled with spring break it has not been conducive to any kind of work except picking up the house every 15 minutes.  I am looking forward to getting back in the saddle next week with more new content and reviews but for now I wanted to share some late breaking news.

hopheadsaid debuted at 139 this week on Wikio’s Top Blog (see righthand sidebar).  This is a blog aggregate site and rates each blog’s relevance by calculating how many external links point back to it.  You can help me rise in the ranking and to the top by linking to my blog through your social media posts or posting my link in your blog or on your website.

My ultimate goal is to become published as a beer writer and make a living through this blog not to mention be able to write off  beer conferences. Better web stats is one way I can draw attention to and advertise my blog not to mention attract more readers. So help me out and spread the word if not the love for hopheadsaid!



New HopHeadSaid Website

Hey HopHeads!  I am moving some of the content from this blog to a permanent home at  You can find a complete listing (soon to be searchable) of all the Beer Goggles review cards along with a special merchandise link where you will find lots of hip and dare I say manly beer art.

I have plans to add at least two more pages to the website. I am especially looking forward to a searchable food and beer pairings page.  There you will be able to pick a certain style of beer (ex. Pale Ale, Bock, Imperial Stout) and learn what food will pair best with it.  Or you will be able to search food styles (ex. Mexican, German, Thai) and learn what beers will best pair with those foods.

And another page that will focus on the Geeky aspect of beer drinking such as appropriate glassware, brewing techniques and ingredients.

Stop over for a visit, new info will be added weekly.

Twitter: hopheadsaid   or   Facebook: Hop Head Said


Northern Brewer Blog

I have been a homebrew customer of theirs for a long time but I just stumbled across their blog.  Here is an interesting read about hangovers.

Road Trip Review

I just got back from a road trip to Legoland.  “What does Legoland have to do with beer?” you ask. Well, it wouldn’t be a road trip for me if I didn’t at least visit one new brewery/beer bar or try a new beer and this trip included both!

About 15 miles from Legoland there is little brewery wonderland called Stone World Bistro and Garden.  This is one of the best beer bars I have ever been to and I would rank it as an equal to Brouwer’s Café in Freemont, WA near Seattle.  Not only do they serve all the Stone offerings but they also have an extensive tap and bottle list.  However the goodness doesn’t stop there, the food menu is incredible.  I had a spicy crab cake that paired well with Stone’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale. My kids had two different mac and cheese offerings that were just the right amount of adventurous for kids. They also have a great vegetarian selection.  My wife was impressed that there wasn’t one garden burger or portabella burger-thingy on the list!

This is a popular destination so be sure to make reservations.  Their website does say that Fridays and Saturdays are busy and indeed they are.  I called at noon to make reservations for Saturday evening and I couldn’t even get a person. I was transferred immediately to a recording telling me that they were fully booked for the evening but I was welcome to come in and put my name on a waiting list.  I thought there would be no way we would get in but my wife convinced me that we should at least give it a try. We did get there early (4:45) and we did get a table right away.  So, I suggest you get there early or make your reservations well in advance if you are there on the weekend.

The next day we visited Beachwood BBQ in Seal Beach for lunch.  If you like BBQ and beer then you will love this place.  This is my second time visiting Beachwood BBQ and it won’t be the last.  While this isn’t necessarily a vegetarian friendly place, my wife (a vegetarian) suggested we go here so she could have the bleu cheese grits with fried arugula, again.

Beachwood BBQ’s beer list is quite impressive.  Don’t take my word for it though, check out their hop cam. I especially like their hop cam because it helps me to mentally plan my food/beer pairing before I even get there.  I enjoyed Beachwood BBQ’s 4th anniversary beer (review coming soon) which was described as a golden imperial stout.  Talk about a rule breaker but it paired very nicely with my brisket sandwich and hushpuppies.

Not only is this a great beer destination they are also the producers of my new favoritel iApp.  This FREE app comes equipped with their most updated menus, hop cam images and bottled beer and wine lists.  But, my favorite function on this app is the beer journal.  It uses the same categories I use on my Beer Goggles section with easy to use touch selections to quickly add information without having to type every word.  You can get quite detailed without having to type out a single word. Now I don’t have to worry about remembering my old school beer review notebook.  You can find the app in iTunes store.


Drunkest Cities

I found this list quite interesting especially since Sioux City, IA (I taught kindergarten there for 14 years) ranked 14 well ahead of powerhouse drinking towns like Portland and Seattle.

The Daily Beast‘s Drunkest US cities.

This and That

I will be doing something a little different for my review this week. I won’t be reviewing any beer but I will be reviewing several beer related items.

The first item I wanted to review this week was a new beer location in Camarillo.  Located inside the Village Commons Market the BEER CAVE is a welcome addition to the beer scene in Ventura County.  This store gets it right.  None of the beer is outside the cooler (at least the good stuff) AND the cooler is dimly lit.  This helps to significantly reduce any heat or light damage that can occur when beer is left out on the shelves for even a short period of time.  They also have “Cave Coats” for you to wear if you are just browsing and want to or need to linger in the cooler.

Another thing that tells me the folks at Village Commons Market get craft beer is they were just getting ready to put BeerAdvocate rating tags on the beer.  How many times have you been in a store where there are Wine Spectator ratings all over the place and then you go to the beer section and you are left to fend for yourself?  Keep in mind though; these ratings will only compare beers that are the same stylistically. Last thing, you can tell a lot about a person by the books they leave around the house.  When I purchased my sixer of Firestone Walker’s Velvet Merlin I noticed that there were three different beer books on the counter. This tells me that they are interested in beer and it doesn’t take much reading in any of those books to become an authority on any given beer.  Who knows, maybe someday they will write a beer blog.   If you stop in, mention you heard about them here at HopHeadSaid.

The second item is a beer review site called  This weekend I was listening to a podcast interview with them on The Brewing Network so I decided to see what they were all about. Pintly is way more than a review site, it is a recommendation site.  Think of it as the Pandora for beer drinkers.  Here is how you get started, sign up (it’s free) spend one minute (literally that is all it takes) to rate 20 beers they pick.  From there they will make recommendations to you based on the beers you liked.  The more beers you rate the better the recommendations for you will be.  It is a great way for newbie craft beer drinkers to get beer recommendations when they are out and about.  I would set up the account from your computer first (a little more convenient) but then they have apps for your favorite phone so you can take it with you anywhere.  You can also set up wish lists (remember GOOD beer makes GREAT gifts) and share your beer reviews with friends.  My user name is hopheadsaid become my friend and see what my top choices are.

Lastly, it is time for the celebration/holiday/winter warmer seasonal beers.  Some of the best flavorful and malty beers of the year come to life in the winter months.  This is the time of year when many breweries will spice up their regulars or brew special batches of higher alcohol beers to keep you warm on a long winter’s night.  Here are a few suggestions:

Crisp Medium Body:Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
Full Sail Wassail
New Belgium Brewing 2 below
Pyramid Snow Cap
Red Hook Winterhook
Summit Brewing Winter Ale
 Full Bodied Sippers:Full Sail  Old Boardhead
Kulmbacher Eisbock
Wychwood Brewery Bah Humbug!
De Ranke Pere Noel
Avery The Czar
Great Divide Old Ruffian
Great Divide Yeti (oak aged)

Sierra Nevada                        Big Foot Barleywine

Happy Holidays!