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food.pairing: White Ale

General description and suggestion:  Witbiers are one of the oldest beer styles in Europe, nearly 500 years old.  This style would have became another casualty of the lite pale lager invasion if not for the efforts of Pierre Celis who brought the beer style back from the brink with the popular Hoegaarden.  Since then witbiers [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Bonfire Rauchbier

Beer: Bonfire Rauchbier (5.7%) Brewery: Samuel Adams (Boston Beer Company) Style: Rauchbier Serving: Pilsner or Stange glass @ 45°-50° General description and suggestion: The most identifiable characteristic of rauchbiers besides its crystal clear copper color and thick creamy head is its smoky aroma and flavor.  The smoky aroma and flavor comes from wood kilned malt. [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Weizenbock

General description and suggestion: Weizenbocks are BIG wheat beers, meaning they are BIG in taste and BIG in alcohol, usually 7% – 10%.   These dark beers are quite complex in aroma and taste, as well.  The aromas in a weizenbock can hint at dark fruits like raisins or prunes as well as light banana and [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Chai Cream Ale

This was an unexpected and quite delicious pairing discovery. The subtle chai spice in this beer pairs seamlessly with spices used in bread pudding.  Information on this beer can be found at[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Horny Devil

General description and suggestion: Belgian ales are some of the most exciting and challenging beers to pair with food. The term “Belgian” is a loose style descriptor for beers that get a majority of their flavors from fermentation instead of malt or hops. There are hundreds if not thousands of different Belgian beers each with [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Avery 18

Beer: 18 (8.1 % ABV) Brewery: Avery Brewing Company Style: Saison Serving: Tulip glass @ 40°-45° General description and suggestion: Whether you are drinking a traditional strength (5% ABV or lower) or a more contemporary version (6% ABV or higher) Saisons should finish dry with very little sweetness.  Saisons aromas can be quite complex with [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Double Jack

One of the great things about beer is that it can pair really well with desserts and this beer is no different.  The malty sweetness of a double IPA means it will pair well with any sweet and the hops cleanse the palate before your next bite.  Drink this beer all the way through this [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: G’KNIGHT

  Beer:  G’Knignt Brewery:  Oskar Blues Style:  Imperial Red(8.5%ABV) Serving:  Pint glass or Snifter (my suggestion) @ 40-45 degrees General description and suggestion:  This beer has substantial malt sweetness; you will probably taste a slight caramel character that comes from the type of grain used in brewing the beer. No caramel was added. Before the beer can become too [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Union Jack

General description and suggestion: Pair  an American IPA with a spicy corn salsa.  American IPA’s  have a more pronounced bitterness, citrus hop aroma and higher alcohol than their English IPA cousins. That means this is a great beer for hop heads and spice (as in hot) heads.  The hops and the carbonation can intensify the [&hellip[ READ MORE ]

food.pairing: Flying Dog’s Woody Creek White

This is the first official shelf talker of many to come. Recently I have started collaborating with a local beer market called the Village Commons Market and in the back corner is a a little slice of beervana called  the Beer Cave.  Together, we (Ken, manager of the Market and I) have developed a scaled [&hellip[ READ MORE ]