breweriana.coasters: Make your own story

I love these coasters, and while they are not a set or even beer coasters they seemed to make a great story together.   I’ve arranged them to tell my own story!-)

You also have two biscuits with your coffee?


The Dutch are just more progressive, especially for 1988.  I not sure any other country, even today, could get a way with scene on a coaster.  The caption literally translated is “You also have two biscuits with your coffee?”  Funny in any context but it takes on a whole new meaning when paired with this illustration.

Hands off my coffee, friend.


It seems the Dutch take their coffee ownership pretty seriously.  Don’t make this mistake the next time you are in Amsterdam.  Literally translated as “Hands off my coffee, pal.”

Darling ca I go? My coffee calls.


Then the ending. Or is it?  Literally translated as “Darling, can I go?  My coffee calls.”

This was some sort of a contest. The back of each coaster has a speech balloon and instructions to write the next passage and if your entry is one of the 101 they choose you will receive a silver pendent shaped like a coffee bean with an emerald.  That sounds like a pretty good prize, unfortunately the contest ended 23 years ago.

Now it is your turn!  I won’t be giving away a silver coffee bean pendant with an emerald but I will be giving away a very nice, heavy duty denim apron with a fancy hop graphic that I designed.

How to enter:

Follow this LINK to enter your comments.  I know it is a pain in the butt, however, I have better control of entrant data there and so I can track down the winners much easier this way.

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