pairing.profile: Winter Warmers

General description and suggestion:  Winter warmers are meant to do just that, warm you up! These full-bodied beers will often have pronounced caramel or molasses-like aromas and flavors as well as a warming alcohol presence.  These beers also have a wide range of alcohol presence so be sure to check out the ABV before you pour yourself  big ole pint.

Often times Winter Warmers or Holiday Ales, as they are sometimes called, are brewed with special spices such as clove or cinnamon.  These spices can make them a perfect for pairing with holiday deserts such as pumpkin pie. If you don’t see a description on the packaging look at the brewery website or for ingredients or taste descriptions.

    • Sean
    • December 19th, 2011

    One of my favorites this year is Anderson Valley’s Winter Solstice.

  1. I tried a Blue Moon Spiced Winter Ale last night- creamy and I loved the bit of cinnamon.

  2. oops- Spiced Amber Ale, not Winter Ale

  3. Fireside Chat is probably my favorite of the year in the winter ale category

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