pairing.profile: Belgian Golden Strong Ale


 Golden Strong Ales are just that, STRONG.   Their high carbonation, moderate hopping and spicy phenols from the yeast create a light, crisp and refreshing beer.  However, these pale yellow beers can range from  7% to 12%  alcohol but don’t confuse these with pale yellow American beers low ABV and should be consumed in moderation.



pairing.suggestion: Golden Strong Ales are some of the most exciting and challenging beers to pair with food. The term “Belgian” is a loose style descriptor for beers that get a majority of their flavors from fermentation instead of malt or hops. There are hundreds if not thousands of different Belgian beers each with a unique spicy phenol derived from fermentation.  This makes them challenging to pair because one particular “Belgian Ale” can taste quite different from another so you will have to taste each to fully appreciate its flavor profile.  However, this variety is exactly what makes them so special because you are sure to find a Belgian ale to match any food pairing, especially veggies. Golden Strong Ales will also pair well with salads that are tossed with spicy greens like arugula or light meats such as fish or poultry.  Spice these meats sparingly as the spices in the beer can add another layer of complexity to any dish.

my.favorites: Duvel, Horny Devil from AleSmith, Delirium Tremens, Don de Dieu  This style was developed by the Moorgat brewery, the brewers of Duvel (devil) and now owners of Ommegan (at least partially),  in the mid to late 40’s when the rise of Pilsner beers started to cut into their profits.

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