Top 10 Homebrew Gifts

If you are having a hard time finding the perfect gift for the homebrewer in your life then your day just got a whole lot better. You will find gifts ranging from $0 to well over $5000 on this list to pick from so I am sure you will find something in your price range. Most of the items below are linked to (one of my favorite online shops) but if you can get these at your local homebrew shop then do that instead.   So, without any further commentary from me  here is a list from least expensive to most expensive.

1.  Support $0:  This is the best gift you can give to your homebrewer and it is by far the most valuable gift on this list.

2. Brewing books $12.50:  I would suggest this book (Brewing Better Beer) for anyone but be sure to check out the “brewing library” first. We hombrewers love our books and you don’t want to get him/her a duplicate.

brewing better beer

3. Large capacity scale $14.95: This is for the all grain brewers and sure beats using the bathroom scale trying to read the weight that is covered by the bucket.  If yo can find scale that goes up to 15 or 20 pounds, even better!


4. Temp controller $99.95: This is a multi-purpose unit that can be used to control a kegerator temp, fermentation temp or even mash temps.

temp controller

5. Refractometer $115: The easiest way to take gravity readings just got an upgrade.


6. High temp pump  $149: This will keep your beloved homebrewer from lifting large amounts of scalding liquid above his/her head! This one is a must if you are brewing batches larger than 5 gallons.


7. Kegerator setup $299: this is a great set up and you can bet that your homebrewer will be upgrading taps as soon as the first one comes in so you might as well start with two!

keg setup

8. Refrigerator or Chest Freezer $50 to $200: Depends on were and how the refrigeration unit is.  You can find these things on Craigslist and they are usually cheap.  These can be used as fermentation chambers by controlling fermenting temps or converted to kegerators.

 chest freezer

9. Conical Fermenter $1895: The baddest of the bad ass fermentors with temp control features to help keep your fermenting wort at just that right temp.

conical fermenter

10. Brewsculpture $5,610:  The Granddaddy of all homebrew systems and one that makes me drool.  There are other less expensive versions but if you can afford one of those, whats another $1000?


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