for the beer enthusiast

Just because Black Friday is three days away doesn’t mean that you  shouldn’t start dropping hints today.


Beer Certificates: Go to your LOCAL (not big box franchise super mart) beer store and purchase a gift certificate.  If they don’t sell gift certificates buy a beer and make your own gift certificate label at home and wrap that around the bottle.


Beer Bouquet: Yes there are the usual Budmiloors type of beers but don’t give up just yet.  You can get a personalized team NFL bouquet with Magic Hat, Boulevard, Deschutes or Brooklyn!  Now that is a beerquet!


Kegerator: Now theses are some fancy kegerators.  You may be able to find a better deal on refrigerators but you can get the rest of your tap gadgets here.


Beer glasses: Don’t underestimate the shock and awe ability of glasses.  Not only are they cool looking and fun to drink out of they really do accentuate the beer inside!


Beer Clubs: What a great gift to broaden anyones appreciation of beer!


Beer Gear: A shameless self promotion to say the least but it won’t take long for you to find the right gear by doing a Google search.



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