perfect.pint: Thistle

The thistle glass, so called because it resembles the national flower of Scotland, is a modified tulip glass and used to showcase Scottish and Scotch ales.

As with the tulip, the taper and the tight neck of the thistle holds in aromas and supports a thick rocky head.  With the correct pour, of course. The straight sides of the thistle channel the complex malty aromas of the Scottish and Scotch ales directly to your nose when you tip it to take a drink.

These glasses generally have thinner “walls” that allows the beer to warm a bit which releases more carbonation and aromatics.  If you are drinking a bottle conditioned ale, be careful not to agitate the sediment at the bottom of the bottle while you are pouring your beer. If you agitate the sediment into solution you will end up  pouring a cloudy beer

Because these glasses allow the beer to warm up they are NOT ideal for lagers but any crystal clear beer will be beautiful in one of these glasses.

  1. Fascinating! (The Thistle could also be South Dakota’s State Flower)

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