pairing.profile: Saisons Whether you are drinking a traditional strength (5% ABV or lower) or a more contemporary version (6% ABV or higher) Saisons should finish dry with very little sweetness.  Saisons aromas can be quite complex with a fruit and spice mixture reminiscent of barnyards. Typically their flavors will be malt balanced (leaning towards malt instead of hops) but peppery spice flavors from the yeast and the elevated carbonation levels create a beer with medium bitterness and a dry finish.

pairing.suggestion: These beers pair well with all kinds of cheeses because the dry finish and elevated carbonation help to scrub the palate clean after each drink. Saisons will also pair well with salads that are tossed with spicy greens like arugula or light meats such as fish or poultry.  Spice these meats sparingly as the spices in the beer can add another layer of complexity to any dish.

my.favorites: Saisons: Saison Dupont, Hennepin from Ommegang, Saison Rue from The Bruery  Saisons originated in the French speaking part of Belgium called Wallonia.  Historically saisons (or seasonal beers) were brewed at the beginning of spring for consumption through the summer months.  These spicy, medium-light body, highly carbonated beers are refreshing and thirst quenching.

  1. And I would add Pavement:

    • At first I couldn’t figure out where you were going with that link…

      You are brilliant, pairing beers with music! I will keep watching for your next beer and music pairings.


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