food.pairing: G’KNIGHT


oskar blues, g'knight

Beer:  G’Knignt
Brewery:  Oskar Blues
Style:  Imperial Red(8.5%ABV)
Serving:  Pint glass or Snifter (my suggestion) @ 40-45 degrees

General description and suggestion:  This beer has substantial malt sweetness; you will probably taste a slight caramel character that comes from the type of grain used in brewing the beer. No caramel was added. Before the beer can become too cloying the hops cleanse the palate with an earthy almost herbal spiciness. This beer can be paired with fruits or leafy salads or a combination fruit/leafy salad.

Specific description and suggestion:
   I paired this beer with the appetizer prosciutto wrapped Galia melon skewered with a rosemary branch. This appetizer tasting experience is similar to the beer in that the ripe melon explodes with sweetness when you first bite into the wrap. The rosemary branch imparts just a touch of rosemary throughout but the sweet herbal aroma ties the melon and the prosciutto together. The two tastes then meld a bit with a pleasing salted meat sweetness. In the end you are left with the salted meat cleansing the sweetness away. The beer and the meat complement each other by building on and accentuating the lingering earthy/herbal spice notes the other has left behind.

g'knight, oskar blues

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