TOP 10: beers

Probably the most asked question of and by any beer geek is “What’s your favorite beer?”  Well today I am going to answer that question definitively… at least for now.

new glarus, enigma


My favorite beer (now and for the past few years) is Enigma a “Flanders Red-like” beer from New Glarus Brewing Company.  4 or 5 years ago a friend of my was traveling through Wisconsin (the only state that carries New Glarus beers) called me up and said he could buy two cases of this Enigma their “new” (at the time) Unplugged beer.  I wasn’t a big fan of sour beers at the time but I said sure, and boy am I glad I did. Since this is an unplugged beer the chances of it being brewed again were next to nothing so spread that case out over two years only indulging for the specialest of special occasions. It only got better with age.

TOP 10

In Alphabetical order ’cause I can’t pick a favorite out of this group!

Arrogant Bastard: Stone Brewing Co.

Curieux: Allagash Brewing Co.

the Czar: Avery Brewing Co.

Don De Dieu: Unibroue

Extra Export Stout: de Dolle

Hennepin: Brewery Omegang

Hopsickle: Moylan

Saison: La Brasserie Dupont

Yeti (oak aged): Great Divide Brewing Co.

Winter Ale: Summit Brewing Co.

What’s your Top 10?

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