GABF vs. Camarillo Car Show and Beer Fest

Thankfully for those of us in Ventura County who couldn’t attend GABF there was the Camarillo Car Show and Beer Fest.  This was the first time I  attended the event and what a great event it was.  As you can see below there WERE cars … beautiful shiny, old and new cars.  Around the perimeter of the car show were beer and food tents for those who need sustenance while looking at classic cars.

Camarillo Car Show and Beer Fest

I had a 442 when I was 16 and while mine was candy apple red with a black vinyl top this car still brought back many memories of my once and short lived motorhead stage.

Camarillo Car Show and Beer Fest - 442

This was a unique beer event.  Not only were there breweries on hand (Telegraph and Surf) but there were also restaurants like JJ Brewsky’s and even the Beer Cave pouring beer.  Kinda expected so far but the unique part of the event (at least for me) was the hair salon and the car care store and other non-beer related industries that were on hand with a jockey box and beer on tap to sample.  My favorite part of the event was how spread the booths and the cars and people were.  I have been to a couple insanely popular beerfests recently and so it was really nice to be able to wander up to the beer tents and shoot the breeze with the vendors without worrying if you were holding up the line. Great event! I am looking forward to next year.


The Great American Beer Festival took place last weekend and while I had fun here in SoCal my thoughts were with all the folks enjoying Denver beer hospitality.  I lived  vicariously through twitter feeds and blog posts but nothing compares to actually experiencing GABF first hand!  Below you will find a couple of snippets to start you salivating if you want to read more you will have to click the link.



From the Brewers Association:

Boulder, CO • October 1, 2011—The 2011 Great American Beer Festival®(GABF) competition drew an impressive field of competitors, with 2011 topping last year’s entries by 11 percent. GABF remains the largest commercial beer competition in the world, with 3,930 beers vying for medals (compared to 3,523 entries in 2010).

A total of 248 medals were awarded. View the 2011 winners or download a PDF listof the winners.

Competition entries were received from 526 breweries from 48 states plus Puerto Rico.

This year’s GABF competition attracted 167 beer judges from nine countries. The competition was aided by the efforts of 107 volunteers. Award-winning brewers received prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals in 83 beer categories covering 134 beer styles (encompassing subcategories), establishing the best examples of each style in the U.S.


From the Brookston Beer Bulletin

The Breweries That Won the Most Medals:

  1. Sun King Brewing Co., 8 medals
  2. Firestone Walker Brewing Co., 6 medals
  3. Pizza Port Carlsbad, 6 medals
  4. Rock Bottom Brewery, 6 medals
  5. Boston Beer Co., 4 medals

The Most Gold Medals Won:

  1. Sun King Brewing Co., 4 gold medals won
  2. Firestone Walker Brewing Co., 3 gold medals won
  3. Pizza Port Carlsbad, 3 gold medals won
  4. 21st Amendment Brewery, 2 gold medals won
  5. Boulevard Brewing Co., 2 gold medals won

Medals Won by State:

  1. California = 51
  2. Colorado = 44
  3. Oregon = 15
  4. Illinois = 12
  5. TIE: Indiana, Washington = 10
  6. Virginia = 8
  7. TIE: Missouri, Pennsylvania, Utah = 7
  8. TIE: Delaware, Wisconsin = 6
  9. TIE: Massachusetts, Michigan, Tennessee, Wyoming = 5
  10. TIE: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas = 4

Small Brewing Company and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year

Chuckanut Brewery, Bellingham, WA
Brewer: Will Kemper

Mid-Size Brewing Company and Mid-Size Brewing Company
Brewer of the Year
Firestone Walker Brewing Co, Paso Robles, CA
Brewer: Matthew Brynildson

Large Brewing Company and Large Brewing Company
Brewer of the Year
Pabst Brewing Company, Woodridge, IL
Brewer: Bob Newman

Small Brewpub and Small Brewpub Brewer of the Year
Pizza Port Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA
Brewer: Yiga Miyashiro

Large Brewpub and Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year
Pizza Port Carlsbad, Carlsbad, CA
Brewer: Pizza Port Brew Guys

Brewpub Group and Brewpub Group Brewer of the Year
TAPS Fish House & Brewery, Brea, CA
Brewer: Victor Novak

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