perfect.pint: Mugs

Any beer glass that has thick glass and could double as a coffee cup (the larger the better) is a mug in my book. I consider American freezer mugs, dimpled English pint mugs, German steins and the giant 1L Oktoberfest seidel a part of this category. Because of their size these glasses are appropriate vessels for many different types of American and European Ales or Lagers that have low or medium alcohol content. 

 These glasses are great for keeping your beer cool and are especially well suited for outdoor drinking.  The thick walls help to insulate the beer against the ambient temperature and the handle makes sure that you aren’t warming the beer with your hands.   I especially like the steins with toppers for outdoor drinking as the toppers help to keep pesky fruit flies and bees out of the beer.

  1. Thanks for sharing this post! I collect mugs and so far I have 20 in my room. I want to know more about the different drinking glass, mugs and tumblers.

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