Moorpark Beer Festival Recap

Beer, food and music, what else do you need for a party.  How ’bout a thousand people enjoying the music, food and BEER … now you have a party!

Moorpark Beer Festival

Moorpark Beer Festival

One of the my highlights from last night was the Enegren Brewing station. I have been meaning to get to their tap room for quite some time and just haven’t been able to but last night our paths crossed in a most delicious way.  First, I tried Valkyrie on cask with vanilla.  Valkyrie is described as a Californian Alt Bier.  You can see a full technical description of the beer HERE.  The beer was smooth and tasty with just a touch of vanilla.  I find I am quite sensitive to vanilla (in beers not chocolate chip cookies) and many times vanilla is too prominent for my liking.  This beer skirted that edge and if I had tasted it a week ago before the vanilla had mellowed a bit I probably wouldn’t have liked it but last night vanilla Valkyrie from the cask was just right.

Also, I had the pleasure of tasting Enegren’s imperial IPA called Protector.  You can see a full technical description of the beer HERE.  This is not a stereotypical IIPA.  The combination of hops they use give the beer a earthy/spicy flavor and aroma instead of the ubiquitous resin/floral flavors and aromas found in all the others. Protector has a great hop flavor and an assertive bitterness to balance the malt sweetness present in this beer. Way to go guys!  I really like your interpretation of this style.

Enegren was also pouring their blonde but I didn’t get back to them  before it was time to leave.  On the bright side … now I have  a reason to travel to Moorpark and drink a beer!

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