NFL Beer Cities

As I was prepping for a radio segment this week, “pairing the perfect halftime meal”, I started researching which NFL cities have the best local beer scene.  The initial research was pretty easy but I found that it was skewed just a bit in favor of teams that had cities to call their own like San Diego, Kansas City or even Atlanta.  Teams with geographic or state names like New England or teams that don’t play in their hometown like both of the New York teams suffered a bit because their “hometowns” don’t have much, if any breweries and because those names are to broad of a descriptor.  Also, who wants to drink beer in places like New Jersey? (says the guy from South Dakota)  As you might have guessed the NFL beer scene become more diverse as you move east to west across the country. But before I tell you where the best NFL beer cites are I think I should explain the ground rules…

1. I am interested in fresh beer.  Beer bars and beer stores are great but these rankings will only cover fresh, local beer.

2. I am only listing the breweries that are IN the team’s “hometown”.

3. If there are chains such, as Rock Bottom (some cities have more than one), I will be counting each one because I want you to know how many opportunities there are for fresh beer.

4. This list will always be changing so save your hate mail if I missed your favorite brewery.

5. I know my “hometown” constraints are limiting and I am certainly missing some good brews that lie just out of the city limits but you can always add your favorite brewery from the burbs in the comments below.

The 16 AFC teams host a respectable 113 breweries with an average of  7 breweries per city. The division with the most breweries is the AFC West with 49.  No surprise there with Denver AND San Diego in the same division none of the others had a chance.  San Diego has the most of any AFC  team with 22 local breweries.

The Round-up

AFC East

AFC North

AFC South

AFC West

Jets – 0

Browns – 4

Texans – 4

Raiders – 4

Patriots – 0

Steelers – 6

Titans – 7

Chiefs – 7

Dolphins – 4

Bengals – 7

Jacksonville – 7

Broncos – 16

Bills – 9

Ravens – 7

Colts – 9

Chargers 22





The NFC topped the AFC by hosting 139 breweries with an average of 8 breweries per city.  The division with the most breweries is the NFC West with 62.  Again no surprise there with San Francisco AND Seattle in the same division.  With a whopping 29 breweries, Seattle tops any team in the NFL.

The Round-up

NFC East

NFC North

NFC South

NFC West

Giants – 0

Packers – 3

Buccaneers – 1

Cardinals – 8

Dallas – 4

Lions – 4

Saints – 4

 Rams – 13

Redskins – 5

Vikings – 6

Panthers – 9

49-ers – 12

Eagles – 9

Bears – 20

Falcons – 12

Seahawks – 29

Total =  18

Total = 33

Total = 26

Total= 62

If your favorite team is in the AFC or NFC East division I am sorry.  My research shows that these two divisions are in need of some fresh beer! A combined total of the two (31 breweries) would only move them into 4th place.

Top 10 … err, 11  NFL Beer Cities:

7  (tie) Buffalo, Charlotte, Indianapolis and Philadelphia with 9

6  (tie) Atlanta and San Francisco with 12

5.  Saint Louis with 13

4.  Denver with 16

3.  Chicago with 20

2.  Sand Diego with 22

1.  Seattle with 29

Next week I will be starting with my newest series called Halftime: adventurous beer and food pairings for fanatics.  The series will focus on halftime favorites and the beer to go with them.  I will be focusing on the Steelers, of course, and the teams they play. They will end up playing some pretty great beer and food cities along the way so if your team’s hometown falls into that category be sure to see if they play the Steelers this season.  If they do,come back here the Friday before that game to get some beer and food pairing suggestions for halftime.  Not interested in the Steelers, I get that.   You will still want to check back each week because on the bye weeks and repeat division games I will focus on another set of teams and I might just pick your team’s hometown to feature.

  1. This who study is very interesting to me. So as a philly fan, I have a bad division and an okay city. However, living in DC, there is nothing. Also, did you take into account the area right around the arena? Redskins play in Landover, MD which is the ghetto. There is basically no fresh beer around there at all.

    • Ooops, I forgot to list the Redskins from Landover. I will update that info ASAP. Each week as the season progresses I will be revisiting the list but I will be casting a wider net so I can include breweries in the “metro” areas. This will certainly help some teams like the Jets and Giants but my gut tells me that it will only widen the gap between power house beer cities like Seattle and San Diego and the rest of the league.

    • Also, I would like to call on your expertise for both of those cities. I don’t know much the areas except for Monk’s and RFD, both of which are great bars, I hear, but I am not familiar with many of the breweries.

      • Not a problem! Unfortunately since I moved down to DC before I was able to drink, I don’t really know a ton about the Philly scene; however, I am more than well versed in the DC scene.

    • Sean
    • September 30th, 2011

    Fantastic work! Check out my post based on your post here:

    • I knew you would like to hear that. I will be calling on your Seattle expertise when I profile the city in a few weeks!

  1. September 30th, 2011

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