California Beer Festival Recap

The California Beer Festival – Ventura has come and gone but I couldn’t let it fade into history without a recap…

I am sure has been around for a while but this was the first event I have seen it used to judge the people’s choice award.   Attendees could use their smart phones to access a website where they could rate the breweries as they made their way around the festival.  The people’s choice winners for CBF-Ventura was: Two Trees Brewing Company !

Al Trevisan Two Trees Brewing

Click to read my interview with Al brewmaster of Two Trees.

I had a great time as one of their beer judges although it was a lot more “work” than I thought it would be.  We used modified BJCP guidelines to score each beer that passed in front of us and the top winners were: 1st Place: Figueroa Mountain Brewery Stage Coach Stout and 2nd Place: Firestone Walker’s Double Jack.

Beer, water, pretzel

Beer judging necessities!

Probably the best part of judging (besides the 27 beers) was that the beer came to us.  Thanks to Sarah and her crew for fetching the beer for us!  I really appreciated it.


Thanks, Sarah!

The judging crew.  In the top middle is John.  He was the organizer and task master:-)  Keeping us on track and making sure we had freshly rinsed glasses and just the right sized pours.  Thanks John.

California Beer Festival

CBF Judges

  1. Sounds like a wonderful festival!

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