The Day Before …

You feel that?

The buzz?


Then you must not be going to the California Beer Festival.  Today I am tying up some loose ends like arranging transportation and organizing meet-ups at the festival.  All of it fun and just increasing my excitement for tomorrows event.

So I am harnessing my new found energy by organizing my “Fest-gear”.  First and foremost, I have my North Face water backpack to keep me hydrated but also it will be carrying all my schwag.  What schwag will I be giving away?   Well, there are 4 dozen lapel stickers, 50 beer fridge stickers, 20 HopHeadSaid fridge magnets (very cool and great quality) and two men’s large HopHeadSaid t-shirts.  Sorry, I won’t be giving the hat or sunscreen away.  Look for the guy in that BEER t-shirt (that should be easy right) and say hello.  I will be happy to meet you and give you a little sumpin-sumpin for your effort.

HopHeadSaid schwag

All my goodies are ready for The California Beer Festival

I am especially excited to be one of the four official judges for the event.  I will be tweeting and posting to Facebook all day long so if you can’t be there you can live vicariously through my posts.  Look to the top right conner for those links.

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