Moorpark Beer Tasting Festival

2nd Annual Moorpark Beer Festival 9-30-11

Click to visit the Official Moorpark Beer Festival Website.


A brew festival in Moorpark, CA.  Who knew?  I did (only recently, though) and now you do, too.  After reading about the event in the local paper I decided I would give Lilly Canterbury, the festival’s Chair, a call to find out about the event.  The event is “her baby” and guess what? She is excited and likes talking about her childrenJ

The Moorpark Beer Tasting Festival will kick off the Moorpark Country Days on historic High Street in Moorpark (of course) on Friday, September 30 from 5:30PM to 10:30PM.  All the proceeds go to Rotary Morning Club Foundation of Moorpark where they use the money to help support the community by purchasing extra school supplies and tennis shoes, among other things, for Moorpark students.

The event will feature 15 different breweries and a Thousand Oaks homebrewing club.  You will find 50+ taps there to wet your whistle while you listen to five different bands throughout the evening.  Your ticket will get you unlimited beer tastings and a handful of food tickets that you can redeem at one of the four restaurants attending or at the Rotary’s very own BBQ station when you get hungry.

Last year the Moorpark Beer Tasting Festival attracted nearly 400 visitors and only 3 breweries were on hand.  This year the event is focusing on exposing and educating one thousand people to the wonderful world of craft beer.  Stay tuned to HopHeadSaid for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the event and you can join in on the fun for free. The raffle will happen in the next two weeks but if you are worried about winning the tickets then watch the Moor Park Beer Tasting Festival website and/or Facebook page for your chance to buy one ticket and get one free through Goupon.

As always, be sure to “like” their Facebook page so you can keep on top of current events and help promote this great event.  And remember when you buy a ticket to the event you are helping to “Save the world one beer at a time.” Lilly Canterbury.

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