Shelf Talkers: Revisited

I have been working hard on a design that would incorporate my HopHeadSaid logo and introduce some more elements that I would like to start branding.  I have also been working hard to make sure the shelf talker was easy to read and understand.  I thought I had covered all the bases until I took my design into a local beer store.  There I learned of a real world problem with shelf markers.  Many are made to stand up in the portrait position but when they are attached to the shelf they get knocked around and often get pulled off because they extend well past the shelf and get snagged on the bottle that is being pulled from the shelf.

So when I got back home I started redesigning a landscape version of my shelf talker. This new orientation will significantly reduce the overhang of the the shelf talker and reduce the chances of it being knocked to the floor. I will be adapting all of my reviews to the landscape orientation.  In fact, today you will get to see the first three landscape food pairing shelf talkers.


Double Jack

  1. the bottom two are the same. I really like how they look like chalk on slate and the simple tasting notes. Is it not worth also including the brewery name, or do you think that would add too much clutter?

    • Thanks for catching that, you would think that after three or four times of proof reading that I would have looked at the images at least once:-( But I did get the new picture posted.

    • I will think about the brewery name addition. I am not sure if it is needed (obviously since I hadn’t thought about it until you mentioned it) since the beers are often organized by brewery on the shelf. But good point, one that will be considered.

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