Salute! VIP TOP 10


By the time you finish this Top 10 list you will kicking yourself for not paying the extra $$ not to attend! The good news is that there is always next year!


Shade. While there was a big ass tree and umbrellas in the parking lot you can see that shade was highly sought after commodity.  Fortunately for VIPers we could hang out in their covered patio after we got a plate full of food and a beer.

Shade Drinkers

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Drinking at the bar.  Another place that was full of shade and BEER was the bar.  A handful of the  festival beers were being represented and a few others like the OBC beers and a beer or two from Avery.

Click to visit OBC.


The limo ride.  I was riding in style because of my VIP status.  While anybody could catch the early bus to the event only the VIPers could get a ride in limo where there was room to stretch out and relax.


Early happy hour.  The Friday night pairing dinner started off with an hour to taste some beers OBC was showcasing but wouldn’t be available at the festival.  Great idea!  The pairing tips for each beer were excellent recommendations.

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Dr. Bill Sysak.  Dr. Bill is Stone Brewing’s beverage coordinator. He was a great host and I enjoyed his pairing descriptions. Be sure to visit his Facebook page and get some great pairing tips!

Click to visit Dr. Bill's Facebook page.


Hour early entrance.  This is what the “crowd” looked like right before general admission attendees started flowing in.  Pretty great, no!?  I used the extra hour to visit all the food booths to get my food on before the gates opened so I wouldn’t have to worry about food when all I wanted to do was taste beer.

early entry


The Food! Cafe Zack catered the event for 100+ people.  Look at the menu below and I dare you to not start drooling!-)

Click to visit Cafe Zack

The first course gave us just a hint of what we were in for.  The beef melted in your mouth while the arugula and the beer spices collaborated and complimented each other making the dish something greater than the sum of its parts!

Click to enlarge

This was definitely my favorite course!  This pairing used every taste bud I had.  The savory oils and lobster juxtaposed with the sweet crisp corn and oranges while curry creme sauce and the beer rounded up all the flavors and mixed them together with their unique spices made this an incredible eating experience.

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There were more course but by the third course it was too dark for me to get a good snapshot with my phone.  Suffice it to say that each plate looked as beautiful and was as tasty as the last!


New friends.  Again with the new friends?  Well yes, because I wouldn’t have met this goofy bunch if we hadn’t shared the limo ride to the event!


New drinking tally system.  I had lost track of the beers I tasted and found this unique tally system written on this VIPers wrist.  As a side note, I sat with these two at the VIP dinner.

beer tally


Best dinner in a parking lot, eva!  It truly was a wonderful evening.  Great beer, excellent food, no pretentious table clothes, good friends, happy times and perfect weather.

parking lot

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