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Salute to Beer Festival

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I know it seems pretty lame to be reflecting on a beer festival that happened over two months ago BUT hey, I have been busy!  Before I get into the “reflecting” part of this post I want you to be sure to visit the producers of this fine event and let them know how much fun you had or if you really looking forward to attending the event next year.

Ojai Beverage Company

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33 Productions

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 To start off with, this TOP 10 list has 12 items because there was just too many cool things to keep it to 10!


Cool sidewalk art! Seriously, right?  My first thought was I can’t wait until it warms up and I can take a swim in all that beer!  Boy did I have a big surprise around 4 when I decided I needed a refreshing dip!-) Be sure to visit and see some more of her great sidewalk chalk art!


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Anacapa Brewing Company’s Tangerine wit. I am not a huge fan of wits and given a choice I will almost always opt for a IPA or crisp Pale Ale.  So I was just a tad disappointed when I went to their booth to try their Double IPA and was informed that it wasn’t going to be served until later that afternoon. But, I could try their Tangerine wit.  So I did and boy am I glad I did.  It was a very nice summer type of beer.  Light to medium body, generous carbonation and a pleasing citrus layer that reminded me that not all beers need to be overdosed with hops to be thirst quenching.

Anacapa Brewing Company


Worry free travel.  For an extra $20 (I am rounding here)  I was able to catch the train in Camarillo to Ventura and then catch the event shuttle shuttle that picked me up at the terminal.  No worries about enjoying myself and then trying to find a safe way home.  Then I did the reverse after the festival and had someone pick me up at the Camarillo station.  Perfect for a festival and to top it off, everyone on the bus was super excited and quite friendly.

Bus ride


New friends.  Beer seems to facilitate friend making.  I made new friends everywhere except the porta potty, which is fine by me.

Bus Ride 2


Ladyface’s Derailleur.  This is a seriously good beer! I loved the refreshing herbal spiciness and carbonation. The best part of this is that I am only 30 minutes away and I can get this whenever I want!


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Figueroa Mountain Brewing’s pilsner.  Even though this is a picture of their Hoppy Poppy (a seriously good IPA) it was the only picture I had of them.  I loved their Paradise Pilsner which surprised me because I am generally looking for something a little more aggressive.  It had a wonderful malt character and just before the malt can dominate the palate the hops help cleanse the palate and wash everything down.  A great beer and I am looking forward to enjoying it again.

Figueroa Brewing

Click to visit Figueroa Mountain Brewing


TapIt APA.  This has become my favorite APA.  It is crisp, hoppy, medium light body, hoppy, thirst quenching, hoppy and hoppy;-)  I am looking forward to my October 1/2 marathon. Not because I will be running a 1/2 marathon but because I will get a chance to visit their brewery when I am done running the 1/2 marathon.

TapIt Brewing Co

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VIP treatment – The VIP treatment was so awesome that it needed it’s own TOP 10 so the VIP Top 10 will be posted in just a couple days!


Intimate crowd.  This is a  picture of the “crowd” at the height of the festival.  The best part was that there wasn’t ever any crowds! Even with all these people the wait at any beer or food vendor was less than 30 seconds!  Great for enjoying as much beer as you can handle.

intimate crowd


Food and Water Stations.  The unsung heroes of the day!  Scattered throughout the festival were water stations which helped me moderate my beer consumption and food vendors that helped keep the beer consumption in check.  There were plenty of gourmet foods (all worth trying) but I kept coming back to the Jersey Mike’s sub booth for quick and easy bites.  I really dug their Philly Cheese Steak!  That hit the spot every time I passed by.


Firestone Walker’s Cask DBA.  I was told that this isn’t an everyday event outside their brewery tap room.  I like DBA well enough but coming from the cask it was magical!  This beer was built to be consumed from the cask and if you have the opportunity to do so, don’t pass it up. The malt flavors came shining through because the carbonation level was so low that it didn’t immediately scrub them off the tongue but left them there to be savored.  I kept coming back here, time and time again!

DBA cask

Click to visit Firestone Walker Brewery


Telegraph’s Obscura Arborea.  I almost missed this beer but in a conversation with some new friends it was brought to my attention that Telegraph was pouring a sour beer. What!?  So I made a bee-line to their booth and was lucky enough to get the last pour out of their last bottle.  If you like Flander’s red or brown beers you will enjoy this one!  It was so different than any of the other beers I had tried that day that it certainly stood out and above the rest.  Keep up the great work guys, you have an excellent beer here!


Click to visit Telegraph Brewing

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