Homebrew: Hop Dehydrator

One of the perks of driving 5000+ miles on a family vacation is driving.  When you fly you don’t usually have the option of bringing big things back home with you but when you are a light packer and have a Sienna chances are you will have enough room for something like this! Minus the hops of course.

hop dehydrator

It measures 36″ x 16″ and is approximately 5″ high. Made from a salvaged storm door window and two storm door screens.  This can be easily made to fit any dimension because all you have to do is cut the 1″x1″ to size and screw it all together to fit any size screen or window yo might have lying around.

hop deydrator

The top window has a thin foam weather-stripping attached to the bottom side to ensure a tight seal against the wood frame.  This helps keep unwanted bugs out (if you use it to sundry tomatoes or other veggies) and provides a greenhouse type of heat trap to speed up the whole process.

weather stripping

The screens are attached using sheet rock screws every 6 to 8″ and then stacked together.  The reason for two screen frames is to keep any bugs from crawling on the bottom side of your drying produce.

hop dehydrator screens

hop dehydrator top

The screens/frames were then secured together with longer screws through the wooden frame and through one screen frame. This unit has three down each side, just enough to keep everything tight to eliminate gaps where bugs can crawl through.

hop dehydrator frame

This frame worked great!  It dried my hops in just a couple of hours of full sunlight.  My three cascade plants produced several ounces of hops this year (only their second year and exponentially more than hops than last year) and I plan to use them as a dry hop for a beer that I will be brewing soon.

hop stein

    • Kathleen Taylor
    • August 18th, 2011

    I hear that the dehydrator works for tomatoes too…

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