Mini Beer Vacations

I have been turning family vacations into mini beer vacations for quite a while and a recent trip to Cannon Beach, OR reminded me that I have been meaning to share my tips with you for a while.  If you are already turning your family outings into a mini beer vacations then I want to hear your tips for success.  If you are new to turning your family vacations into mini beer vacations then these tips are sure to get you pointed in the right direction. 

  1.       Decide where your pit stops will be.  Whether it is a stop for the night, lunch or even gas use BeerAdvocate’s city search and check for any local breweries. If there aren’t any then check to see if there are any up the road from that stop and plan accordingly.
  2.       I am not advocating drinking or taking a brewery tour at each stop but you might be able to find a gas station or brew pub that will sell bottles or growlers of local brew that you can purchase and enjoy at the end of the day.
  3.       Preparation is the key but be flexible.  Ask a local (the hotel staff) where to get fresh local beer and if it doesn’t match your plans then consider changing them.  I have found that the hotel staff are always happy to point you to other local businesses or they know of a grocery store that carries the local brew.
  4.      Always look in the beer cooler when you stop at a gas station.  Chances are you won’t find anything you want but on several occasions I have found local brews I didn’t know about and one time I found 750ml bottle Golden Drak in a sleazy little gas station! So don’t forget to give it a glance.
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