food.pairing: Orval

Now that I have settled on a food pairing shelf marker design I will be including one with every beer.goggles or from here on out. But what about the old reviews?  Never fear, I will be playing catch up and posting food pairings for all the previous reviews.  In fact, that is what I am going to get started today.  Below the food pairing suggestions you will find the original beer.goggles or just to refresh your memory.

 Orval Food Pairing

Orval Trappist


    • Sean
    • July 12th, 2011

    I like this new design, especially the glassware in the background. Do you plan to have the “correct” glass behind on each one? Assuming yes, might you put in a much smaller font at the base of the glass a small note, e.g., glassware: chalice

    Just a thought. Regardless, attention to proper glassware is something that I have never seen in this type of shelf marker. I think it is a really GREAT idea!

    • I’ll keep that in mind. My initial thought is that the extra label will clutter it up too much for my liking as I already cut a bunch of stuff from this version to simplify it. I have about two months (yep I am that far ahead) of this version to work through but I will play with adding that label in the coming months.

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