perfect.pint: Flutes

In an effort to expand on the “education” part of my “Beer Reviews, Education and Nonsense” motto, I am continuing myseries of posts that will focus on beer glassware.  Specifically, I will be talking about the glass’s shape and why that particular glass is an appropriate vessel for a specific beer style.

FluteFlute glass


Flutes aren’t just for music or champagne anymore.  Flutes are the perfect glasses for the sparkling sour beers from Belgium and wild ales from America. Bottle conditioning and/or wild fermentations often produce beers that are highly carbonated and can pour with champagne clarity and effervescence and exhibit the same bubbly reaction when poured into a tall narrow glass.  These are also perfect sizes as the sour and wild beers can be quite acidic and (you guessed it) sour and larger glasses can be too much flavor for even the geekiest of the beer geeks.

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