Shelf Marker Finalist


Design Notes

  • I have cleaned up the extra text and removed the wording “food.pairing” as it is quite obvious that these are food-pairing suggestions.
  • Just incase it isn’t obvious I have made a larger cooler (as in refrigerator) marker that could be taped to the cooler window that would briefly explain the “food.pairing” cards.  Design coming soon.
  • While I liked the key hole cut-out design from the first round, I began to realize that virtually no one would take the time to hand cut each card.  The design wouldn’t look as good with white paper surrounding the top and so it had to go.
  • By removing “food.pairing” out of the “key hole” I was able to eliminate extra text and make the beer’s name more prominent.
  • I got over my need to have the HOP dominate the design but I couldn’t eliminate it totally.
  • I am trying to brand the place setting to be synonymous with “food.pairings” so I incorporated the HOP design into the silverware.

Special thanks to my wife, who at  5:30 am this morning after I had posted a different set in three different places (that will teach me to post designs before I show them to her ) said “Have you considered removing the spoon and “x-ing” the fork and knife?”.  Genius!

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