Breweriana: Coasters

In an effort to expand on the “nonsense” part of my “Beer Reviews, Education and Nonsense” motto, I am continuing a series of posts that will focus on breweriana.  There will be larger categories such as beer coasters, beer signs, and beer posters, etc.  However, beer movies, beer commercials or anything else beer related can and probably will be included.

This week I will continue with beer coasters.  I have quite a collection of beer coasters as I am sure you do.  They make great souvenirs because  they are light, they fit easily into our pockets or carry-on bags and they are free! But even more than that, I think coasters are perfect souvenirs because that little piece of chipboard can remind us of a particular drinking session.

At some point you will probably start receiving coasters from other people.  I am fortunate because my Mother and Uncle are always on the lookout for unique coasters and the coaster below is one such gift given to me by my Uncle who lives in Europe.

Alcohol-free beer

Roughly translated: You have the whole night of drinking. All the good beer without the alcohol.

This one is a gem.   Look at all those people having fun without alcohol.  Curiously though, no one seems to have had anything drink. That must be why they are so happy . . .  they didn’t have to drink that yellow water!

    • Sean
    • July 8th, 2011

    I’d like to think the translation is: “I want this girl, but I can’t do it without the alcohol.” 🙂

    • Or maybe the other way around!

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