Beer Tasting Tips

Tasting Tips

When tasting beer, it is important to drink it at the correct temperature.  If the beer is too cold it will numb your taste buds and if it is too warm it won’t seem as refreshing.  Typically, beer should be served at 40 to 45 degrees which is much warmer than the average refrigerator.  Removing your beer from the refrigerator 10 minutes before drinking will allow your beer time to rise to its ideal drinking temperature.  Clean glassware is essential.  Rinse each glass before use with hot water to remove any dust or soap residue and then dry them immediately to ensure there are no mineral residues left in the glass.  Also, NEVER put your glasses in the freezer.  If a 38 degree beer will numb your taste buds just think what a frozen glass will do to them … not to mention any odors or other funk the frost will pick up while the glass is being stored in a freezer.

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