Surf Brewery Opens

Surf Brewery

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If you can believe it, Ventura just got a little cooler! Surf Brewery opened earlier this month and it is a great addition to the Central Coast beer scene! Surf Brewery is technically a packaging brewery, which means that a majority of their beer is sold off site. So look for their beers in stores and restaurants and if you don’t see any of their beers be sure to ask the managers to stock it.

 Surf Brewery Tap Room  Surf Brewery Brew House

While you are waiting for your favorite places to carry their beer, you can stop in and get pint or a growler in their taproom. Sit at the bar and enjoy the industrial sheik taproom complete with surfboards hanging on the walls and brewery equipment behind the bar. There is no food prepared at the brewery so bring your own (BYOF) if you plan to stay a while.

They have a great lineup of beers ranging from a cream ale to a black IPA.  My favs are the County Line Rye Pale Ale and the Surf Patrol Black IPA.  County Line is a crisp pale ale with just a hint of rye spice that really dries out the finish.  County Line comes in at 6.5% so be sure to enjoy in moderation.  While I really enjoy the County Line, I love the Surf Patrol Black IPA!  It is crisp, a touch smoky and has a great hop flavor.  What a black IPA should be. They have plans to release two more beers into their regular line up in July – a Vienna Lager and a Double IPA.

Be sure to check out their beer club specials, membership does have its benefits!


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