Island Brewing Celebrates 10 Years

I am back in the saddle today – and by saddle I mean my old lumpy roller chair – and it feels good to be back as HopHeadSaid .  Before I get too far into the mix, I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t been taking a vacation – nope, quite the contrary.  I spent last week writing a 20-page book proposal for a beer and food-pairing book I have been thinking about lately.  That was an intense self imposed writing assignment but I feel really good about the end product.   The proposal was shipped off early this week but it will probably be a few more weeks before it gets reviewed.  This book is still a long way from becoming a reality but I am hopeful and I will certainly announce the results here when it I get the word.

So onto the beer…

Island Brewing

Click logo to visit Island Brewing.

I have been sitting on an interview I conducted last month with Paul Wright.  Paul is the owner and brewer at Island Brewing located just off the corner of Linden and the train tracks in Carpenteria.  Paul and I sat down for couple hours and we geeked out over brewing processes, brewery specs and the beer industry in general.  I had a great time! I will be covering that conversation in depth in a two part posting next month.

What is important about Island Brewing today?  Today, Island Brewing is celebrating their 10th anniversary. That’s right 10 years of brewing in Carp!  They open today at 11am and will going strong to 9.  Get onboard for a brewery tour at 2 or 5 and listen to music from the Brewery Boys while you are enjoying the tour or a beer on their patio – which by the way overlooks the Pacific Ocean!

Island Brewing Beer

Looking out to the ocean.

They have a great lineup of beers to suit anyone’s tastes from a light lager that will entice any Budmiloors drinker all the way to their bull bodied old ale Jubilee.  But if the sun is out today, you should try something with a little citrus and I suggest the Paradise Pale Ale.  Paradise Pale Ale is an American style pale ale so it is crisp, refreshing and smells of citrus and pine.  Paradise Pale Ale also rolls in with a respectable 5.2% ABV so two pints might just be in your future before you go home tonight.

If you are looking for something a little different, then try their Heirloom IPA.  This is an English style IPA with a twist.  If you look down your nose at English IPA’s don’t do that to this beer.  You will be missing out on a great interpretation with just enough west coast flare to cut through that British snobbery and keep you coming back for more.

Buy a friend a beer!

Buy a friend a beer!

While you are there -today or any other day- be sure to check out their “Buy a Friend a Beer” board.  Maybe somebody has bought you a beer?!  On the other hand – and if you are in a giving mood – I know a certain beer blogger that would love a beer next time he gets to Carp!-)   Cheers!

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