Keg cleaning

Since my move to California two years ago I have been pretty lazy about cleaning my kegs. It hasn’t been an easy thing to do. I had to fill up a keg, fire up a burner to heat the water and then pump the hot water into the kegs.  Well today I tried something new.  I turned the heat up on my water heater and connected a 20′ length of high temp tubing to the drain tap and ran the tubing out the door to where my kegs were waiting to be filled.

Water heater keg cleaning

keg cleaning

To conserver water I filled up two kegs to the top and put a scoop of PBW in each of the other kegs.

keg cleaning

Then I let each keg sit for 30 minutes to let the PBW work its magic then hooked the full keg up to an empty one and used CO2 to push the cleaner from one keg to the the other.

keg cleaningThen a quick inspection to make sure they were clean followed by a rinse.  After two and a half hours of transferring hot PBW water from one keg to the other the water was still uncomfortably hot.  After the rinse I filled one of the kegs with sanitizer and transferred the sanitizer the same way from keg to keg.  This was a really easy cleaning method and a great way to conserve water.  If you have a different method, let me know!

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