midweek.mini-review 3/25/11

Alesmith Speedway Stout

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If you like bitter chocolate and coffee then you have try this beer! Pour into a snifter and let it warm up just a bit.  Note how the aroma and the flavors change as the beer warms up.  At 12% this beer is a sipper and I think best enjoyed AS dessert.

This midweek.mini-review is a part of my interactive guest review series. Click my Beer Goggles review card and you will be able to read reviews from other beer enthusiasts.  You will also find a blank card for this beer that you can save/print and fill out for yourself.  Fill out your card, e-mail your review back to me and it will be included with all the other guest reviews. Be sure to include your name and/or beer blog or beer website information with your review.

Blank cards for other beer styles can be found at https://hopheadsaid.wordpress.com/write-your-own-review/ .  Right click and save or print. Do you want to use the same font?  You can find the free “My Type of Font” at http://www.dafont.com/my-type-of-font.font.

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    • Sean Kelly
    • March 25th, 2011

    This is an outstanding beer that is especially appropriate for a cold, rainy evening. The review perfectly captures the complexity of a beer worth seeking out.

    • Very well said. BTW I just updated all the links and you should be able to see your BeerGoggle review.

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