Magic Hat Brewery

I came across this blog interview by and I needed to share it with you.  Magic Hat is one of my favorite breweries and not because I like everyone of their beers.  I don’t, in fact I may enjoy less than half of their beers, #9 is one that I do, but I love that they are trying something new with almost every batch. This adventuresome spirit works for them and their loyal drinking fan base. For example, you won’t find a style printed on their labels.  You can approximate a style for each one of their beers but they are very good at taking a base style and twisting back and around again so many times that it becomes hard to recognize.

I had the pleasure of visiting their brewery in Burlington, VT a few years ago.  You get a feel for their brewing attitude long before you walk through their doors.  A giant rusted sheet metal tower thingy with cut out shapes stands out above their main building beaconing you to their door.  A surreal carnival-like image that promises to be fun but  as you get closer you realize it was probably put together by a two fingered ride mechanic.  “Have no fear,  you will be safe once you get inside”  my inner voice was telling me and was I glad I listened.  Their “gift shop” has more of that carnival freak show atmosphere except there are no carnies but there is great merchandise not to mention samples of their beer!  A perfect mix if you ask me.

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