An introduction

Do you love beer?  I mean BEER, not the yellow-flavored-low-carb-diet-water so popular today. With that kind of attitude it is not surprising that some people have called me a beer snob.  Not to say that I haven’t ever had one of those, heck 15 years ago used to stock my fridge with the same fizzy-yellow-flavored-water.  However, if I was given the chance I would always try something new.  Back then these “new” beers taught me that beer could taste great and they had exotic names like Leinekugals, Henry Weinhard’s, and Guinness.  These beers taught me to expect more.

Back then I lived in South Dakota and I would stop at any grocery store or liquor store I could find when I traveled just to see what beer they had in stock.  If there was something there I had never seen before I would pick up a mixed sixer if possible.  It got to a point to where I had to remodel a basement closet into a walk-in beer cellar just to house the beer found on those trips.  But that wasn’t enough for me; I needed to log the beers I was drinking.  I would strip the labels off each bottle and they would then go into a beer scrapbook. Over 700 Iabels were nicely organized in several large binders.  The binders started taking up just a little too much space and it wasn’t a convenient reference system when I was on the road. So I made a spread sheet and logged them all in there.  All that work made me…THIRSTY.  As I was enjoying a cold one (poetic license here folks) I had a great idea! Why not write beer reviews.   I have tasted hundreds of different kinds of beer; I understand the basics of brewing and I can explain why the beer you are tasting tastes that way.  Maybe the most important reason, I enjoy sharing my opinions about beer.

So that is why I am writing beer review and why and I am grateful to , and  for giving me the opportunity to do so.

  1. Great blog idea. I can’t wait to read your reviews!

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